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Texas Plastic Technologies was founded in 1991 by Douglas M. Bryce when he established the business while finalizing his departure plans from his Staff Engineer position with IBM.

The business was created as a consulting and training resource for the plastics industry. Mr Bryce recognized the industry’s need for a new source of basic, easy to understand, fundamental training in the areas of processing, design, and troubleshooting, and also had a vision of helping new and existing companies fulfill their intent of providing quality molded products at reasonable prices for their customers. The result was Texas Plastic Technologies.

TPT has since worked for and with many major organizations such as IBM, Ford, GM, Johnson & Johnson, 3M, and others, as well as small “mom and pop” companies in providing simple but highly effective training to machine operators, tooling and product designers, quality control personnel, managers, supervisors, material handlers, and many others involved with every aspect of the injection molding arena.

In addition, Texas Plastic Technologies has become a leader in troubleshooting molded product defects and helping molders realize greater profits with less scrap, lower process costs, and a better understanding of the molding process parameters and their interactions.

Located in Central Texas but serving the world.

About Texas Plastic Technologies

Even profitable products should be analyzed for cycle time improvements. In a 24 hour facility saving just 1 second per cycle can result in a bottom-line increase to profits of $10,000 annually. We tend to overlook the need for improving profitable jobs.

Removing scale from mold and chiller waterlines is essential to improving cooling performance. A buildup of just 0.015” in a 1/2” line can result in a cooling loss of 40%.

Be wary. Your competition is not going to provide you with accurate information. Instead, you should consider benchmarking your own facility. Record all your existing conditions of interest. Then do everything you can to improve them.

In theory and practice, a “full service” molding shop should be able to generate 1 million dollars for each molding machine it owns. What are you waiting for?

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Cycle Time Cost

Waterline Scale

Are You Benchmarking?

Full Service Means Money

Mr. Bryce has enjoyed a long career in the plastics molding industry and has been employed with companies such as Federal Pacific, Bourn’s Electronics, Exxon, and IBM. In addition he has owned and operated two of his own molding companies: Creative Plastics Engineering and Templas. He has authored 4 books on the subject of Plastic Injection Molding through the SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) and 2 books on Troubleshooting Plastic Defects, 1 through the SPE (Society of Plastic Engineers) and 1 through his own publishing company IPLAS. He also has authored a large number of E-books on various subjects. Many of his seminars are now available in CD format so that users may take the seminars on their own time on their own computer and still earn a Certificate of Completion to help better their careers..

With a full staff of trained engineers, TPT has provided services for clients located all over the world and is ready to help you realize your goals. Please use our Contact Form for further assistance.

Texas Plastic Technologies is located in the Hill Country of Central Texas just a few miles from the capitol of Austin, which proclaims itself as the “live music capitol of the world”.