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We are located in Central Texas but we service the world when it comes to consulting, training, troubleshooting, and optimizing the plastic injection molding process. Companies both large and small have benefited from our services and products. We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

Welcome to TPT

You can depend on us to provide you with real on-site training for your employees or your vendor’s employees. Many topics available. We will go where you need us, even overseas.

We’ll come to your facility or vendor

On-Site Training Seminars

We’ll make suggestions and submit recommendations concerning your existing designs or we can create them for you. We also make gating and cooling suggestions based on your requirements.

For Product or Tooling Designs

Design Assistance or Critique

Visit The Plastics Troubleshooter to solve your defect problems.

Visit IPLAS for plastic publications and software

Join Doug on The Plastics Blog

Now you can make quick and easy estimations of the cost for the mold to produce your injection molded plastic product, using this affordable software program. READ MORE

A revolutionary waterline descaling system that is SAFE to use and environmentally friendly. Yet it quickly removes scale, rust, grease, lime, and other waterline deposits from molds thereby increasing cooling capacity. READ MORE

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If your budget is extra tight we can supply you with fundamental training seminars utilizing specially designed interactive CD’s that allow your employees to get meaningful training at their own pace. Includes testing for individualized assessments.

Inexpensive method of obtaining meaningful training  

Check out our Seminars on CD

We can help you understand your capabilities or those of an existing or potential vendor. Employees, tooling, equipment, materials, buildings, safety, quality programs, hidden costs, and troubleshooting your defects.

For your own facility or for your potential vendor

Facility Assessments and Troubleshooting

MoldCoster Software

RousterBout 3

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