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Our On-Site seminars are provided by our IPLAS Division and are the most cost effective way to train employees, at all levels. At Texas Plastic Technologies, we can tailor our existing seminars to fit your products, your materials, and your needs. Each course includes a title book if applicable ($82 value). At present we are offering, at your site, the following 2-day seminars:

1 -  "Fundamentals of Injection Molding - Linking the Process and the Product"

This is our most popular seminar and provides a full, basic knowledge of plastics injection molding technology. Covers the process, the machine, the parameters, the variables, the mold, the material, quality, and common defects. A great seminar for operators, technicians, supervisors, maintenance personnel, management, sales personnel, and anyone seeking to obtain basic but thorough information about the plastic injection molding process.

2 -  "Troubleshooting - A Guide For Injection Molders"

This seminar provides an in-depth understanding of the unique Bryce troubleshooting concept. You will learn how to troubleshoot in a simplified manner that will do away with those guide sheets you've been using. We cover the 23 most common defects and their prevention and solution.  

3 -  "Fundamentals of Mold Design and Construction"

This seminar provides a fundamental knowledge of mold design and construction. You will learn the basics of meaningful mold design, how to determine cooling efficiency, draft angles, gate and runner design, venting principles, and obtain a basic understanding of how molds are built.

4 -  "Manufacturing Startup and Management"

If you're looking to start your own molding facility, or just wish to expand an existing operation, this seminar is for you. It provides a comprehensive framework for building a new facility from the ground up or expanding an existing shop. Subjects covered include plant layout, determining equipment needs, estimating costs of plant and product, how to staff, training needs, and initiating quality control. 

5 - "Fundamentals of Product Design and Material Selection"

This seminar is designed to provide basic product design guidelines and instruction for developing manufacturable plastic molded products. This is a thorough study of all the aspects of product design concerns, such as snap fits, specific material limitations, wall thickness guidelines, and a variety of other subjects. The charts and diagrams alone are features that can't be found elsewhere.

PLEASE NOTE: There is an additional instructors travel expense fee of $1,800 for every 2-day seminar. The 2-day attendee fee shown below includes all handout materials and a hardcover textbook (if applicable) for the specific seminar chosen. Lunch and break accommodations are the responsibility of your company.

Our rates are  shown in the following chart. All fees are payable in advance by check or PayPal. Please contact us directly if you have requirements for other subjects.

Attendees        Fee Per Attendee

6 (minimum)             $590

8                             $570

10                           $525

12                           $500

15                           $480

30 (and up)              $450

Please contact us by phone (512) 863-5933 or use our Contact Form if you wish to discuss these programs.

Attendee Comments:

"Mr. Bryce has a very effective style of communication, making everything easy to comprehend. He obviously understands the industry and its complexities.".

"Doug was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and very good at answering all questions presented." 

"Overall, the seminar offered a terrific learning experience. It raised a lot of questions to ask our suppliers, and generated further interest in injection molding."

"Very much worth the money. Less expensive than attending regional seminars, and I can start increasing profits right away with the things I learned."

"I have 30 years experience and still learned a lot from Doug. Well worth the fee."

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