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In many cases a molding company, whether a custom molder or proprietary molder,  ends up with a machine that’s too small or a granulator that’s too big, or a building that can’t be laid out right for the process involved. Or maybe they can’t decide between buying new or used equipment or where they can find the best deal for secondary operations equipment.

That’s where we come in. Texas Plastic Technologies has the knowledge, the expertise, and the ability to make those decisions with you. In most cases we are able to help set the tone for the future by showing you ways to buy expandable equipment that can grow with you and minimize the need for additional equipment later on. In many situations we can show you how to utilize processes that minimize the total investment for equipment or real estate. Our knowledge covers a wide range of equipment lines, processes, materials, buildings and real estate that can help you make the right decisions for years to come. We’ve been there before, so we know what you need.

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We work with you to help you get “the right stuff”.

Procurement Services

Today there are over 50,000 plastic materials to choose from for injection molding plastic products. Which one is the right one for your product? Unless you have access to all the various databases and laboratory testing facilities you may not choose the right one. In fact, you probably don’t even have the time required to make that decision. So you do what everyone else does. You select a material that you have used before.

You are not alone. That is the primary way a material is selected today for a new product design.  And it is one of the main reasons that product failures in the field are skyrocketing.

It is important to select the right material. One that will provide the physical, thermal, and mechanical requirements of the product design but also the chemical resistance, UV stability and cost effectiveness that is so necessary for today’s products. And what about environmental concerns?

The courts are filled with law suits concerning improper plastic material used in consumer products. So how do you know which of the 50,000 materials to use?

That’s where Texas Plastic Technologies can help. Our engineers have access to thousands of databases and lab facilities that test and supply plastic materials and publish their data to select electronic systems. We also provide real-life testing in our own labs. And our basic materials knowledge comes from many years of molding most of the available materials you will ever have occasion to use.

So, TPT can lead you to a list of recommended materials based on your requirements. And provide you with cost estimates for using them in your products. Materials are priced by the pound but molded by their specific gravity. So a more expensive material to buy (by the pound) may actually be less expensive to use (by specific gravity) especially if it allows faster cooling times and overall cycles.

Even if you are happy with your existing material choice we may be able to help you reduce your costs by switching to a different material that provides the same results but is less expensive in the overall use.

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Well help you select the exact and proper material for your product at the lowest cost to you.

Material Selection Services