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Our designers understand plastics. We provide the design and detail expertise you need when you need it. We know where to put the parting lines. We know what characteristics your product design requires to ensure manufacturability. We know how to design to enable processability. We know how to optimize wall thickness and corner sections. We understand draft angles and where they are needed. We understand various plastic properties and how they affect the quality of your molded part.

When you need the best critique or analysis or creation of your product design you need Texas plastic Technologies. Our competitive pricing gives you the best value for your dollar.

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We can analyze your designs or create them for you.

Product Design Services

Texas Plastic Technologies’ engineering group understands the value of properly designed tooling. Primary tooling, such as injection molds, and secondary tooling, such as fixtures and assembly equipment, can be useful tools in providing finished products that are of high quality and profit, yet low cost. However, improperly designed tooling can cause costly defects, time-wasting activities, and even dangerous conditions to personnel and equipment.

The total cost of a tool does not necessarily indicate that it is properly designed. Many expensive molds become useless piles of steel when they are used in normal production environments because they are not designed to withstand the rigors of average molding conditions. Maybe the wrong steel was selected. Maybe undercut conditions were not foreseen. Maybe the mold designer did not even know what material was going to be molded, resulting in improper shrinkage values assigned.

On the other hand,purchasing tooling from the lowest bidder can really be a big mistake that results in higher overall production costs. That bidder may have missed some important factors in the design requirements. Maybe they cannot access the high quality steels necessary for long life. Maybe they plan on designing the mold to be built “in-the-solid” rather than in a laminated state (which allows for ease of venting, maintenance, and engineering changes down the road).

At Texas Plastic Technologies we take the time to understand your specific needs and work with your tool designers to make sure those needs are met. Or we can create the designs from scratch ourselves. Either way, you win. You get the most cost effective tooling that will produce high quality parts at the lowest possible overall cost to you. Isn’t that what you are looking for?

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The heart of any molding process is the mold itself.

Tooling Design Services