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Our On-Site seminars are the most cost effective way to train employees, at all levels. At Texas Plastic Technologies, we can tailor our existing seminars to fit your products, your materials, and your needs.

On-Site seminars are much less expensive than sending your employees away to a regional seminar offering. Our seminars are 2-day versions and can be held at your facility in a conference room or at a local hotel environment. We provide all the handouts and presentation materials needed. You must provide the room and lunch/break facilities.

We have 5 major seminars available in the 2-day format. They include:

1 -  "Fundamentals of Injection Molding - Linking the Process and the Product"

2 -  "Troubleshooting - A Guide For Injection Molders"

3 -  "Fundamentals of Mold Design and Construction"

4 -  "Manufacturing Startup and Management"

5 - "Fundamentals of Product Design and Material Selection"

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We work with you to help you get “the right stuff”.

On-Site Training Seminars

When you can’t find the time or money to bring our seminars to your facility, you can still get the benefits of our extensive trainers knowledge by utilizing our Seminars on CD service.

These CD’s are interactive and allow the user to proceed through the seminar at his/her own pace. The user can leave the seminar at any time and return to complete it when time allows. There is even a test the user can take and submit to us to obtain a Certificate of Completion if they pass. Each seminar contains the same graphics and text presentations that our instructor uses when making an on-site seminar.

While it is always better to elect to have an on-site presentation because the instructor tailors it to your specific needs, and the attendees can ask pertinent questions, and spontaneous demonstrations are made that cannot be included otherwise, the CD version is the next best thing for getting meaningful training for your employees or yourself.

These CD’s cover 7 different topics and are offered through our IPLAS Publications department for as little as $19.95 in a digital download format (per student) and volume license purchases are available.

Please visit our Seminars on CD area for further information or to order.

TPT can bring our seminars right to your desktop.

Seminars on CD Service